Frequently Asked Questions

At which park will my team be playing?

The teams are assigned to parks when the schedule is decided. Everyone will know which park they will be playing at when the schedule is released, not one day before. As far as where to book your hotel, all fields are within a 23 minute drive from each other.

Will there be a gate fee?

There is a gate fee for every event. The fee changes from event to event.

Does my team need insurance?

Yes. Every team needs insurance for every event. If you need to buy insurance, you can go to Chappell Insurance Agency.

What will we need at check in?

Every team will need proof of insurance for every event. For free events, teams will need 3 playable balls for each game.

What college programs will be attending the event?

At the request of College Coaches, we do not release a list of Attending Programs prior to the event.

Is there a hotel list?

For Stay to Play Events, Travelling Teams will handle all details. For non-Stay to Play Events, we do not have a hotel list.

What are the tournament rules?

Tournament Rules change from event to event and will be posted on each event’s home page and in the Tourney Machine App.